Nest 5.5 es 5.6 ttl

(Piotr Czabanski) #1

I've been working with ES 2.6 and the index like this one:

var response = MyElasticClient.Index(myObject,
i => i.Type("mytype").Ttl(new Time(TimeSpan.FromDays(31))));

now stop working and the error goes like follow:

parse_exception Reason: "failed to parse setting [ttl] with value [4.43w] as a time value: unit is missing or unrecognized"

How to set the TTL for the object?

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(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

TTL functionality was deprecated in Elasticsearch 2.x and removed in Elasticsearch 5.x.

(Piotr Czabanski) #3

It was fundamental to us - is there any other mechanism that determines that an object is to be removed after a certain time?

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