NEST API for Snapshot and Restore

Hi Team,

We are planning to integrate Elasticsearch in one of our Enterprise product for indexing and search purpose. Our application is on-prem software gets deployed at customer end on the windows machine. We are planning to abstract the Elasticsearch cluster and index name from the administrator.

We were thinking to use the NEST API and write our own commands for taking snapshot and restore. Assuming our customers will use these commands for taking backup of indices in their environment.

We have thousands of customers using our application. I would need to know, whether providing native support of snapshot and restore by writing our own commands leveraging NEST API is an viable option or exposing cluster name, index name outside and asking customers to use kibana, postman or any rest equivalent tool for snapshot and restore is an viable option?

Does the purpose of the NEST API more relevant to backup softwares?

Any other possible solution? Please assist here.

Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated.

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