Nest changes for ElasticSearch Keyword+Text type

I am working on ES5.4.1 and Nest 5.4.0. I have few Questions regarding the mapping changes.

We are trying to move the mapping from String to Keyword or Text appropriately.
(1) The Keyword type's Index property is changed from FieldIndexOption to a bool.
So is index = false equals to FieldIndexOption=No ?
How could FieldIndexOption = analyzed/notanalyzed be achieved in this case?

(2)Include_in_all is going to be deprecated in ES6.X versions. If i don't want to have include_in_all to be in set in my current mapping (5.4.1) so that while i move to ES 6.x my changes would be minimal, want to know if it is false/true by default in the current scenario

TIA, Divya

Just adding on to the above query can we assume that keyword fields are always not analyzed and stored, but not indexed unless specified explicitly ?

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