Data from 2.4.1 to 5.12 ,the data type is not changed?

current es is 5.1.2,but i see the dataType from 2.4.1 is not changed?
how i can do to solve it?
or it is not important to solve? i dont care about it ?


quoting from the docs on the String datatype in 5.3:

Indexes imported from 2.x only support string and not text or keyword. To ease the migration from 2.x Elasticsearch will downgrade text and keyword mappings applied to indexes imported from 2.x into string. While long lived indexes will eventually need to be recreated against 5.x before eventually upgrading to 6.x, this downgrading smooths the process before you find time for it.

Also see the blog post on Text vs. keyword for further explanation.

To me this seems to say that you are okay with leaving the type as is for now, but you will need to reindex your data (recreate the whole index with a new mapping) before upgrading to future 6.x versions.

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but the comment area have the way to upload image.
i think the image is more than text...

oh.i see it. that means i should recreate the whole index with a new mapping before i upgrade es.
but my old data(old version-2.x) is over time?dont recovery?
if i recreate ,how can i recovery the data from old version?:sob:

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