NEST documentation for .NET

I'm attempting to learn the ElasticSearch API using NEST but I've discovered that there is no up-to-date documentation for the NEST (2.0?). The ConnectionSettings class for instance, appears to no longer have a constructor that takes "defaultIndex" as a parameter.

So, as I attempt to follow the example on, I'm unable to get by the lines below because, as I mentioned, there is no constructor for the version of NEST that I'm using that takes "defaultIndex" as a parameter. (I used Package Manager in Visual Studio 2013 to add NEST to a test project)

var uri = new Uri("");
var settings = new ConnectionSettings(uri, defaultIndex: "my-application");

So, does anyone know where I get the latest documentation on the NEST classes?

Thanks much.

It looks like the docs are now being hosted here.

For your example though, you want:

new ConnectionSettings(uri).DefaultIndex("my-application");

For finding what methods are available in the absence of docs you should be able to use intellisense or the good ol' Object Explorer in Visual Studio.