NEST: How to search Vietnamese character?

I want to search accent character in my language.
For example: I want to find the word "siêu nhân" when i type "sieu nhan", "siêu nhan", "sieu nhân" or "siêu nhân".

I using NEST in my .net project, somebody help me? Sorry for my bad english.

Use an ascii folding token filter in your analyzer.

I don't know how to use token filter in asp,net (c#) code? Can you give me some document about NEST? Please..

It's not related to Nest but all about configuration.

Have a look in documentation about how to create analyzers and apply them to mappings when you create the index.

There's a Vietnamese Analysis plugin at Not sure if it fits your need.

Thank you, i did it. :smiley:

I know this plugin, but not what i need.

But i dit it, thank you. :smiley:


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