NEST - problem with AutoMap() and geo_point

Hi everyone. I'll get to the point:

First class: AddressPoint.cs

public GeoLocation Loc { get; set; }


var settings = new ConnectionSettings(pool).DefaultIndex("testindex");

            var client = new ElasticClient(settings);

            if (client.IndexExists("testindex").Exists)

            var createIndexResponse = client.CreateIndex("testindex", c => c
                .Mappings(ms => ms
                    .Map<AddressPoint>(m => m

then later in the code generating object and filling it with properties:

row.Loc = new GeoLocation((double) row.WGS84Lat, (double) row.WGS84Lon);

All that I have already done should map row.Loc to geo_point but the result is:

"loc": {
            "properties": {
              "lat": {
                "type": "float"
              "lon": {
                "type": "float"

Could someone enlighten me what I'm doing wrong?

Elasticsearch version: 6.2.1
NEST version:


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