.NET NEST and logstash?

is there any way to index documents using .NET NEST but using logstash as endpoint? All my clients are spread over internet and only should connect to logstash public server only, not directly to ES.

Logstash has an http input, but using NEST to post to it doesn't make sense. It might work but you shouldn't rely on it.

You're saying you don't want your clients to connect to your ES cluster directly, which is good. But why you don't want your clients to connect to ES directly is important for figuring out what to put between the internet and your cluster.

Is it purely a load balancing problem? You want to be able to queue requests and apply backpressure if it starts getting overloaded?

Or is it a security problem? Obviously you don't want an ES cluster that anybody can talk to floating around on the Internet.

So what's the plan?

It is a security problem, as this goes over internet I dont want customers decompiling my .net assembly and getting my public elk cluster ip and credentials and connecting to do queries. So I would like to mantain ES cluster not exposed to internet but just logstash so everything should be indexed through logstash and they cant query ES if there is some security breach.

My .net appliacation is an agent that runs on customers and collect data and index to ES, so it just need to index documents.