Logstash and client nodes

I have my ES cluster set up to accept among other things data shipped by logstash.

right now I have all my logstash nodes sending directly to my ES data nodes. My question is should I have my logstash nodes send to ES Client nodes? Would this give any performance boosts? Will it provide anything over having them talk directly to ES Data nodes?

Right now things run moderately well, I am just wondering if incorporating client nodes for applications to interact with the ES data cluster would be the optimal setup.


The only thing it would do is reduce complexity as LS then just talks to localhost.

Do you believe it could have any performance improvement?

Maybe, you do talk to localhost, but then the client needs to forward it to the data node anyway. So you don't save a network hop at all.

Try it and see how it looks for your cluster!

I will add the es to the logstash nodes tomorrow.

A positive to it is I will be able to view my logstash nodes in marvel.
Without running es on the node you can't see it in marvel. So there's an

That's not true, you still won't see LS in Marvel.

I didn't necessarily mean logstash the process more I'll see the nodes it's
running on with marvel monitoring the es processes.

In LS 5.0 we will have monitoring APIs that will be ingested into Marvel :slight_smile:

I saw that at the conference. I'm psyched for it. Can't wait to see the
whole xpac