Several questions about a cluster

Hello there,

I've got a cluster of 3 nodes 1 master +data 2 data nodes. I am planning to feed it from Logstash and I am wondering if each of these 3 nodes should have Logstash installed or it may be just 1 pointed to the master?

Then if so, how will elasticsearch spread the data to the other nodes - is it automatically or I should explicitly set routing?

You can install LS on all 3 if you want, it'll mean you also have some redundancy in processing data.

When LS sends data to the cluster it does get distributed automatically, don't use routing for this sort of data.

that's fine, but I'm wondering where to point them? All three instances are on different machines and whenever I am outputting to elasticsearch should i point it to the master node or I can point it to whichever I decide and elasticsearch will automatically spread data?

Just point it to localhost :slight_smile:

Any ES node can receive any request. The choice of node to dispatch requests to doesn't affect how data is routed.

Wonderful, thank you!