Netty Reactive Monitoring

Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to monitor Netty Reactor. From the documentation I see that it doesn't have anything to say about Netty Reactor, but Reactor itself seems to be supported experimentally: Supported technologies | APM Java Agent Reference [1.x] | Elastic

Also, is it perhaps possible to use opentelemetry to monitor this instead?
If so, does this module can only instrument netty reactor libraries?

Hi @Ivan_Hosea ,

We do support Reactor instrumentation, but only the "core" part that is listed here: Project Reactor - Documentation

We don't have any specific support for Reactor Netty, but it could be relevant to add support for the HTTP client/server parts.

Regarding the OpenTelemetry agent which you refered to, I think the best option is to try it in order to see if it allows to capture what you need.

Elastic APM Server provides an OTLP endpoint (doc), so you can use it with the data you may be able to capture.

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