Network setup: Cluster: Why can't name self in list of hosts?

On 5.6.4

Why is it that I cannot list each nodes' OWN IP in:


If I do this, (e.g. give every node in cluster same entry for " " ), then the cluster comes up red.

Why is ES so finnicky about this? (and forces me to script more for the setup)

It shouldn't be a problem.

Perhaps if you share some logs we can check what is happening?

I am happy to share logs, but they don't say anything... (they show no errors)

The situation is:

Two ES servers, intent is to cluster them. Machines are: and

On the .33 system, I can do: [""]

If I do, on both nodes: ["", ""]

The cluster health is red.

I can only get cluster health to green if .33 points to .34, and .34 points to .33

It would be nice to have a more vanilla way to go.

Open to suggestions!

Right, but they will show something, so it'd be useful :slight_smile:

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