New Control Panel widget not working in Kibana

Hi Team,

in 8.x version, Elastic has introduced controls option in kibana dashboard itself. however, in below case, it is not depicting the expected result.

if i use control via visualization, it is working as expected and showing desired values as per below snap.


however, the same doesnot show any value when i am using control from kibana directly.

any suggestions on how to resolve it?

Hello @mathur7vidit,

What do you mean by "control via visualization"? Is the dashboard time range correct? Is there any error?

hi @Priscilla_Parodi . thanks for reply. there are 2 options to add control input in dashboard. one is to create a visualization and add it in dashboard which is my 1st snapshot. 2nd is to directly add control element in dashboard which is my 2nd snapshot. in 2nd case, filter is not showing any values to select, whereas its working as expected when i am using control input via visualization. hope it clarifies the doubt

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