New Elasticsearch Index Template

Hello All,

When installing a new index template, do you need to install it on all Elasticsearch nodes?
Does the cluster need to be re-indexed?

Thanks you!!!

What do you mean by new template?
are you talking about PUT _template api?

I created a Windows service to automatically upgrade Beats. The service compares the version of the ElasticSearch cluster to the version of the running beat. If the versions are not equal, the service installs the new beat. Afterwards, I want to install the new index template that matches the new beat version. The service runs the following...

.\filebeat.exe setup --template -E output.logstash.enabled=false -E output.elasticsearch.hosts=['https://elastic01:9200,https://elastic02:9200,https://elastic03:9200,https://elastic04:9200,https://elastic05:9200,https://elastic06:9200'] -E output.elasticsearch.username=elastic -E output.elasticsearch.password=********

When installing a new index template, do I need to install it on each ElasticSearch node?

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