New Structure for 6.0

Hi all, I already have structure for 2.4 version. I want migrate on 6.0, and read about breaking changes about types.
So, current structure is next: I have main type - publisher. And 3 "sub-types": accounts, audience and interests
Publisher is parent
Accounts, Audience, Interests are children

In 6.0 types was removed, and I read about single indexes and nested items
So question about nested items: what about performance, where i save all data in one index with 3 nested items (in 2.4 i use inner_hits only for needed types)?

And question 2 with different indexes:
is real use index publisher AND accounts AND .... But select from accounts only data where publisherId exists from first request part. Example with SQL:

SELECT * FROM publisher_index P
JOIN account_index A ON A.PublisherId = P.Id
WHERE P.Name='test' AND A.TotalSubscribers > 2500

Is it real?

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