New user learning path with ES 2.0 released?

(Ron Pritchett) #1

So I have been in the process of educating myself on the ELK stack and along comes ES 2.0. In the Definitive Guide, I was just about ready to start chapter 5 - Searching. It's my understanding that searches are different in 2.0 due to the added features, etc. (Filters are no more?)

So given all that, what would be my recommended next steps to continuing to learn ES. I'm now mainly interested in ES 2.0. Should I continue with the book?

what's my best bet?


(Mark Walkom) #2

I think you mean facets are no longer in 2.0, not filters :smile:
But yes, you can still use the guide to get a basic understanding!

(Isabel Drost-Fromm) #3

Almost correct: They have been merged with queries. For the details see here:

Wrt. to continuing learning Elasticsearch: I'd continue with the book as most content is still relevant and nicely explains the concepts behind the APIs. As for reference documentation if you are mainly interested in 2.0 keep a close eye on the online Elasticsearch guide here For more up to date in depth coverage also check out the articles in the blog


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