[New Visualization Plugin] Kbn_Aframe

Hi there,

I'm working on creating a visualizations plugin for Kibana and I'm looking for people to test it or that may interest you.

This project is called KBN_AFRAME and allows to create VR Graphs visualizations within Kibana using the A-Frame framework. It is still in development but can be used.

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You can find it in my repository: https://github.com/Camichan/kbn_aframe
Or from the project website: https://camichan.github.io/kbn_aframe/

I have tried to make a pull request of the known plugins page, but it needs to be checked.

I hope you like it.


Hello there, I'm a dev at Elastic and I'm interested in Data Viz.
I'd like to learn how to use what you've made.

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