Nginx setup for xpack enabled elastic cluster


We've got an ES cluster on GCP, it is 5-3-2 (Data-Master-Client) nodes running on docker containers with X-pack enabled. We want to add nginx load balancer in front of it.

It is similar to Connect Kibana to Nginx load balancer to Elasticsearch

We are getting stuck in first stage of Nginx-ES connection (Permission denied) may be because of X-Pack enabled on ES cluster.
How do we specify the elasticsearch user name and password in nginx.conf?

What is the proper approach (any docs, blogs etc.) to achieve this

Thanks in advance.

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Why would you do that?
The clients that are connecting to nginx should provide their own authentication - you just want to make sure nginx passes the Authorization header through to Elasticsearch.


Thanks Tim,
It is working now, but not completely.
When I log out, it redirects me to the same page. I am not using SAML so not sure how to specify sp.logout.


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