NLP models on Elastic 8 Cloud

Hello, I started a free 14-days trial of Elastic 8 Cloud, to test NLP models.

On this page Third party NLP models | Machine Learning in the Elastic Stack [8.1] | Elastic there are a lot of models, I just tried sentence-transformers/LaBSE · Hugging Face
It needs 3.7 Gb of memory to start the model, but by default only 1 Gb of memory is available for the machine learning.

Besides of the default model lang_ident_model_1, which one in the third party NLP models may I test on the free cloud version? Thanks.

Unfortunately at this time the Free Trial only supports 1GB of ML Memory... if you want to go bigger you will need to put in a Credit Card ... I pinged some of the ML folks if they can suggest a model that will fit in the 1GB.

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Thank you for your response, I wait for the feedback.

I think you can try to expand the ml node to 2GB

Here are some smaller modes that may fit into 2GB

Fill Mask Models

The smallest supported Fill Mask model will not fit no a 2GB node after 8.3

  • distilroberta-base · Hugging Face
    • Size of binary PyTorch file: 316MB
    • Size of TorchScript file: 328MB
    • Quantized Size of TorchScript file: exactly the same as un-quantized

Named Entity Recognition Models

Text Classification Models

Text Embedding Models

Zero Shot Classification Models

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