NLP Summarizer Model for ES 8.2.2

I wonder if ES 8.2.2 already supports a PyTorch NLP model for summarization?

Eg. sshleifer/distilbart-cnn-12-6 · Hugging Face

It's not an option in eland's current supported task types.

It is a generative model, ie. given a long text, will produce a short text.

If it cannot be formulated with current eland, could I do it programmatically like this way?

I'd be interested to know what's currently possible, and if not yet, when will it be available?

That summarizer is BART model.


Hi Sim

Summarization isn't a task that is supported in any version of ES yet. I opened an GH issue for the enhancement requests at Support NLP summarization models · Issue #87548 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub, please upvote.

The good news is that Question Answering models will be supported in 8.3 and new features are being added all the time.


Nice @dkyle! Upvoted.

That's cool, having Q&A in 8.3.

Before you saying that, I thought it's already in 8.2.2 because eland has question_answering task_type option already.

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