No anomalies on live data


The machine learning advance job of detecting anomalies in the network data is trained with two months of data. But when I test the model with real-time live data I can see the spike on the graph but no anomalies are detected, where as the anomaly points can be seen on trained data.


Could you please mention the version you are using?

Hi, I have kibana 6.3.2 version. I found that this problem is with less amount of trained data, but I have trained the model with 800k records.

The most probable explanation is that the datafeed advances that time interval before the data is available for search. To verify this use the get-buckets API for the interval where you have the big spike and check the event_count. Could you post the outcome of this?

The output I am getting for get_bucket_api is


Hi Vinay,

Machine Learning results have buckets at the top level. A bucket is written out for each interval that equals the configured bucket_span. Buckets are written out regardless of whether there were any anomalies in them.

Based on your screenshot above, the number of buckets should definitely be non-zero.

If you try the request without any additional parameters, e.g.:

GET _xpack/ml/anomaly_detectors/{job_id}/results/buckets

you should get a count that is non-zero.

For debugging the issue you experience, you could use

GET _xpack/ml/anomaly_detectors/{job_id}/results/buckets?start={time_before_big_spike}

where {time_before_big_spike} should be in format, say: "2018-09-20T00:00:00Z".

If that returns you 0 buckets, then it suggests that the datafeed did not actually run up to that point in time.

For completeness, it would help if you also posted the job configuration (paste the JSON you see in the JSON tab for the job in question) and the job messages (as they help understand what was the operational timeline).

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