No cached mapping for this field after upgrading to 7.10

Hello all,
I had some issues when upgrading to 7.9.3 that I had to upgrade to 7.10 and unfortunately I had to delete my "filebeat-*" index pattern.

After recreating the filebeat-* index pattern, I am now unable to update the fields. When I click 'Refresh field list' nothing happens and I only see 1100 as the count of fields.

Specifically, I am trying to ingest Cisco ASA syslog and those fields which are being decoded by my Grok patterns files are not being dynamically added as fields in my index.

I did some searching and added these settings in my filebeat.yml:
setup.template.enabled: true
setup.template.overwrite: true

  • name: cisco.asa
    type: group
    dynamic: true

Specifics of my configuration: 1) use the Cisco module 2) send my filebeat to logstash because I want to clean-up some events and utilize ASA Grok Patterns

Any help would be appreciated.

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