No data has been received from this module yet


I have installed and configured Elasticsearch, Kibana, logstash, Filebeat in centos 7.7. I have configured the reverse proxy to load the kibana dashboard.

The configurations which is showed in the logging for nginx, redis and etc was done in the server. But when i open the dashboard it is showing error message like "The request for this panel failed
The aggregations key is missing from the response, check your permissions for this request."

And when i click on the check data in the configuration page, it is throwing like "No data has been received from this module yet".

Kindly help me on this issue and i stuck on this for past two days.

Is anyone help me out this? Its quite urgent...

Have you installed filebeat or metricbeat?

In case that is filebeat, have u followed the instructions for your platform?

Also have u ran filebeat as root ?

Please make sure you have ran all the steps described in the docs.

For the elastic stack itself you also have instructions here

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