Kibana The aggregations key is missing from the response ERROR

Hi i just followed this tutorial:

To set up a little ELK-stack on my Ubuntu VM. I used metricbeats so that i could monitor my VM as practice.
My Kibana dashboard is showing me:

The request for this panel failed. The aggregations key is missing from the response

on all views, so no data is visible.

Any idea what could cause this?
No Kibana logs whatsoever.

Hi @jabu

I've just followed the tutorial step by step to try to reproduce the problem but it worked on my Arch system

I'd suggest to double check that you are running metricbeat as root. Also that you have enabled system module by running sudo metricbeat modules enable system and that you have done the setup too by using sudo metricbeat setup -e

It's working now, i must've forgotten a step. Thanks for the help!

Problem solved

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