No data log in Discover section


I'm sending Winlogbeat events form a Windows VM to an Ubuntu VM, where are running both ES than Kibana.

The VM's are on the same subnet and I can access the https Kibana GUI from both VM's.

If I go to "Stack Management --> Index Patterns" I can see a pattern called "Winlogbeat-*" and the fields inside.

But when I try to visualise events from the discover section I got no logs there.

I can't catch the reason of the problem and I will be extremely grateful for an help in troubleshooting this.

Thank u


I have set also Metricbeat.

I can see in the Index patterns "Metricbeat" with fields, but when I go to Discover section and I select the right index patterns and I remove the "Hide Empty Fields" flag, I can't see logs.

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