No handler found for uri [/_sql] and method [POST]

I had added the plugin for sql in Elastic search. Inspite of adding sql plugin for sql. Iam unable to run sql queries.
Below given is the command:
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -XPOST '' -d 'SELECT * FROM testing_tagstore1 LIMIT 10'

No handler found for uri [/_sql] and method [POST]


Which plugin do you mean? It's now part of the default distribution.
But if you installed a plugin, did you restart the nodes?

Yes I have restarted the nodes after plugin installation. But inspite of that it still throws the same error. Iam a beginner. Request you to please help

Please note the version of Elastic search that Iam using is elasticsearch-5.3.0

Could you share the full elasticsearch logs?

Why are you using a so old version instead of 7.6.0?

Which SQL plugin did you install?

There is no Elastic SQL plugin for 5.3.0 from what I know. As others suggested, please try a much newer Elasticsearch version. There are many many fixes and features in these versions.

Also, specifically related to your issue, in older Elasticsearch versions the endpoint is /_xpack/sql and not /_sql.

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