No handler found for uri*********and method [PUT]


I started with Elastic Search couple of hours back and now I'm stuck while creating a sample document as per the startup guidelines:

Trying to create the employee document, using Kibana console:

PUT /megacorp/employee/1
"first_name": "John",
"last_name": "Smith",
"age": 25,
"about": "I love to go rock climbing",
"interests": [

...but it's throwing a message like,

No handler found for uri [/?pretty/megacorp/employee/1] and method [PUT]

...and I've no clue on it.

I tried much, but couldn't find a solution, desperately need help!


It looks like you have an Elasticsearch question here, not Elastic Cloud Enterprise. I will move your question to the Elasticsearch forum for you. You will likely get a faster answer there.


Thanx @nrichers for picking up this request!

Just like that, I deployed the same setup in Linux environment and the particular problem is eliminated (Earlier I was trying it on windows). I am able to resume my work.

Though not exactly sure what was the problem in Windows, I suspect curl would need to be deployed additionally, to get it working on Windows platform.



Glad you got it to work! --Nik

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