No highlights returned (ES 2.1, attachment-mapper 3.1.0)


I've used and had highlights before (via Java API), but lost it with some ES upgrade, can't remember which one though.

Now I'm using ES 2.1 with the corresponding attachments-mapper plug-in (3.1.0).

I followed the steps provided at in order to make sure it's working at all, but the result I get is without any highlights (as opposed to the sample provided)

  "took": 3,
  "timed_out": false,
  "_shards": {
    "total": 5,
    "successful": 5,
    "failed": 0
  "hits": {
    "total": 1,
    "max_score": 1,
    "hits": [
        "_index": "test",
        "_type": "person",
        "_id": "1",
        "_score": 1,
        "_source": {
          "file": "IkdvZCBTYXZlIHRoZSBRdWVlbiIgKGFsdGVybmF0aXZlbHkgIkdvZCBTYXZlIHRoZSBLaW5nIg=="

Any idea what I'm missing here?


I just checked with ES 2.2.1 and corresponding attachment-mapper plug-in (bin/plugin install mapper-attachments) and followed the same steps, but the same result as before.


The problem was that I had to use POST as method, not GET as it's said in the instructions I linked to above. (I'ved used the Firefox plug-in RestClient and the head-plug-in)

The problem I have now is that I want to do the following: Instead of having a match query I have a query_string query, and with this one I'm getting the matching documents, but no highlights. I didn't try the match query within Java, but using the query_string query within Java has the same behavior, I'm getting the matching docs, but no highlights.

  "fields": [],
  "query": {
    "query_string": {
      "query": "king queen"
  "highlight": {
    "fields": {
      "file.content": {