No influencers found and nothing highlighted on single metric viewer

Hi guys,

I need help to get started with Kibana's machine learning functionality and it looks like I miss something important.

Basically, I have historical data with two known issues:

  1. For the first issue, there was no traffic at all for a short period of time due to downtime.
  2. For the second issue, there was no traffic from a specific type of clients.

I expected that it is something that can be easily detected and classified as an anomaly. So I created a simple "multi metric" job with "event rate" as a field and added an influencer that determines a type of client.

the good thing is that I can see these two cases detected with a high anomaly score.

But for some reason, I don't see anything in influencers list and nothing in the list of anomalies

I also don't see anything highlighted with red dots (like on examples) on a single metric viewer page.

Can somebody please give me a hint on what I did wrong.

Thanks in advance!

Seems like a permissions issue. Verify your role can view the .ml-anomalies-* indices.

For example:

GET .ml-anomalies-*/_search
  "query": {
    "term": {
      "result_type": {
        "value": "record"

Great thanks! It helped!