'No Living connections' error when hosting Kibana on IPV6 address

Kibana is hosted on a IPv6 address with port 8080 but Elasticsearch, Beats and Logstash are hosted on 'localhost' using default ports.

When we connect to this IPv6 address, we can view Kibana but cannot view any indices on the Discovery page. We see the error 'No Living connections' which from other posts seems to indicate that Kibana cannot connect to Elasticsearch

When the entire stack is hosted on localhost (i.e. Kibana is also on localhost) there are no issues

We are hosting this on a corporate network and thus have limited open ports for use. Our aim was to host just Kibana on ipv6 with port 8080 (for external access) and have the rest of the stack use localhost (where port access is unrestricted)

Is there an issue when using a 'hybrid' hosting where Kibana sits on an external ipv6 but the rest of the stack is on localhost?

Or does the entire stack need to be hosted using the public ipv6 address?

I think you're running into a bug unfortunately, https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/23764. I don't think there's a workaround without editing the code or putting a layer in front that speaks ipv4.

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