No loading indicator on dashboard with TSVB viz on changing time range


Version is 7.4.2

I have a dashboard with 6 complex TSVB visualizations which takes > 40s to load completely.

I am wondering why I do not see any loading indicator on the dashboard which indicates that dashboard data is not loaded completely yet.

With non TSVB panels I can see the loading indicator (purple moving line on top) on loading after time change.

Thanks, Andreas


Are you getting updated results though? Do you see anything in your console/network tab of the browsers?

cc @timroes


Hi @bhavyarm,

Yes, I get updated results. On first load I can see the loading indicator while data is fetched (network tab), but after the last fetch is done, the indicator goes away, but it takes many more seconds until the visualization is rendered. But my client CPU is down to 6%, so this shouldn't be the bottleneck.
When reloading no indicator is shown and no errors in console. Also here again, rendering takes way longer than fetching the data shown in network tab.

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