No .Net logging library with recent ECS format available


.Net library for logging (GitHub - elastic/ecs-dotnet: .NET integrations that use the Elastic Common Schema (ECS) ) seems to be unmaintained or abandoned. The last release was in June 2021 with ECS version 1.5 which is quite old.

We have a requirement to populate service.environment field that is available in the recent ECS and also used by APM.

Maybe it is good for Elastic to merge the project to apm-agent-dotnet that is more active and this will be inline with OpenTelemetry project :slight_smile: They have logs, metrics, and trace in one project (GitHub - open-telemetry/opentelemetry-dotnet: The OpenTelemetry .NET Client)

Is there any other alternative other than writing our own object model and transformation logic?

Thank you.


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