Metrics not visible in Elastic APM using Open Telemetry

I'm using the auto instrumentation of open telemetry (Releases · open-telemetry/opentelemetry-dotnet-instrumentation · GitHub) in a .NET 8 application to send logs, traces and metrics to elastic APM.

My logs and traces shows up on the dashboard of the service, but the metrics not appear there.

If I search for "my-service" and data_stream.type: "metrics" on Discover, I see the records, but not in APM service dashboard.

There some problem on use open telemetry for that?

Hi, @Ingrid_Rauany.

Unfortunately, that metrics dashboard doesn't work with metrics collected via the OpenTelemetry SDK (only Elastic APM Agent). The metrics data from OpenTelemetry should still be available though. You'd need a custom dashboard to present them.

We have a work item on our end to produce an Otel compatible dashboard that we can hopefully switch into the UI when the data has come from the OpenTelemetry SDK.

Is this a .NET scenario? Because in a Nodejs implementation, I can see the metrics on APM dashboard