APM metrics not showing

I'm using elastic cloud with two environments. On the test environment firewall rules are more liberal than on the production :slight_smile:

we have integrated APM with C# application. I receive metrics only from test environment although I see in prod env registered service in APM dashboard but there is non in Transaction Type, Latency, Throughput and Failed transaction rate.

Both environments has open traffic to azure or google cloud endpoint on port 443.

But is 443 enough? Maybe I'm missing some additional port to open?

There shouldn't be any other ports needed. Have you checked the apm agent logs - do they show any errors? Also, have you already verified that your APM agent instrumentation is working as expected and sending trace events to the APM Server?
If nothing seems suspicious on the agent side, feel free to open an SDH via the cloud admin console, so we can take a look at the specific deployment.

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