No output from AWS integrations

I'm running Fleet server with multiple AWS integrations but I'm not getting any output from the integrations. Fleet server, which is running the integrations is outputting logs and metrics normally, the integrations are healthy, and I'm not seeing any errors in the Fleet server log. AWS integrations are pulling logs from the SQS queue so no issue with credentials.

I'd be inclined to believe that it was as cert error but I'm getting logs and metrics from the Fleet server. I am receiving this log:

08:19:07.028elastic_agent.metricbeat[elastic_agent.metricbeat][info] 'ca_trusted_fingerprint' set, looking for matching fingerprintsinfo

08:19:07.028elastic_agent.metricbeat[elastic_agent.metricbeat][info] CA certificate matching 'ca_trusted_fingerprint' found, adding it to 'certificate_authorities'

Could the CA be the culprit? Any other recommendations?

Yes, the CA could indeed be the culprit. The logs suggest there might be a certificate trust issue. Double-check the CA certificates and trust configurations for your AWS integrations. Also, increase logging for more detailed error information and ensure all configurations for the AWS integrations are correct.