No processor type exists with name [geoip]

Hello, I am looking at hosted services. I am trying to leverage geoip for an IP address, but I am not having any luck.

When I try to add geoip to an existing pipeline, I receive a "No processor type exists with name [geoip]" Error. I have added the ingest-geoip plugin.

Here is what I am trying to apply:

PUT _ingest/pipeline/mitresplit
    "description": "splits technique_name and technique_id",
    "processors": [
        "kv": {
          "field": "event_data.RuleName",
          "field_split": ",",
          "value_split": "="
        "geoip": {
          "field": "DestinationIp",
          "target_field": "masq-geo"

Did you install the ingest-geoip plugin?

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