No response after "Pipeline main started"

Hi All,

We are unable to get Logstash to respond after feeding an analysis file to it. This file and the syntax used by us seems alright since we are getting a "Configuration OK!" message in the configuration tester. Yet when we execute it with the same file, it seems to get stuck forcing us to stop it abruptly.

Below are the list of commands executed and the output. Any pointers to where we are going wrong would certainly help a lot. Thanks.

logstash]# pwd


logstash]# cat cbord-pipeline.conf

input {

file {

path => "/PrivLogs/cbord/*.csv"

type => "cbord"

start_position => "beginning"



filter {

csv {

columns => ["Process_name", "@timestamp",
"Userid", "Mrn", "System_option_description"]

separator => ","



output {

elasticsearch {

action => "index"

hosts => ["localhost:9200"]

index => "logstash-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"

workers => 1


# stdout



codec => rubydebug

# }


logstash]# bin/logstash -f cbord-pipeline.conf --configtest

Configuration OK

logstash]# bin/logstash -f cbord-pipeline.conf

Settings: Default pipeline
workers: 4

Pipeline main started

^CSIGINT received.
Shutting down the agent. {:level=>:warn}

stopping pipeline

Pipeline main has been

This means it is waiting for new data. Cat some new lines to the end of the file.

Also, take a look at File input plugin | Logstash Reference [7.15] | Elastic

Thank you. Will try this and let you know.