Logstash - Pipeline main started not executing further


I created a config file that runs but stalls after pipeline main started. I'm not sure if the issue relates to the fact that I have two config files in the config folder to read 2 different csv files and output it into elasticsearch,

Any help appreciated.

Logstash normally doesn't log very much. The problem is more likely related to the specifics of your configuration and possibly the age of the CSV files. Please show the configuration of your file inputs.

we would need more information on your configuration file

  • No logstash does not care how many config files you have

But here is some in-site

Did you try adding a stdout { codec=rubydebug } to your config file to see if it is doing anything?

if your using the standard input configs are you using the defaults (IE default for file in puts are to start at the end of your files if it has never seen them before)

also while your testing the config (not production)
you may want to set your file input sincedb_path=> /dev/null so it does not remember where it left off in the file while you are testing and troubleshooting. This will cause LS to start fresh everytime.