No Result Found After X Pack Install


Here is my Configuration ,
OS - Ubuntu 16.04
Elastic Search - 5.5.0
kibana - 5.5.0
logstash - 5.5.0

and I have installed metric and winlog beats on windows machine.

I can able to see metric and winlog indices.
Then I installed X-Pack and also successfully configured HIGH MEMORY USAGE even I received few notification.

In very next day my Kibana shows no result found and also It did not asked for user name and password.

Please let me know wt am missing here.


Did you install the x-pack plugin into Elasticsearch and Kibana?

Both need to be restarted after installing the plugin. You should also close your browser window and re-open it back to Kibana. If you are not seeing the Login page after doing that, something went wrong in the install.

If that doesn't help, is it possible that you disabled the security plugin in configuration somehwere?

Thanks for the reply,

I have installed xpack plugin on ElasticSearch, Kibana and Logstash and also restarted those services.

But wt I can notice here, Logout, UserName and manage users are disabled ( means not able to see in Kibana console)


Have you maybe disabled the security plugin in kibana.yml? Check for a line in kibana.yml that looks something like: false

If that isn't the case, restart Kibana and check for any clues in the startup logs about the state of the security plugin.

One more question, what type of license do you have?


I am using Trial Version,

Its working, Now I can able to see Users and Roles in Management Console.

But If I click on Discover, Says No result found. If I select 7 Days as Time Range I can see incomplete data,



Our Management yet to decide to buy X-Pack License with 3 node ES Cluster and also we got quotation for the same.
and am trying to play with ELK with X-Pack based on our requirement.


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