"no results found" in Kibana Dashboard with filebeat & elastic search

Hi I am absolutely new to elastic stack. I just installed and configured filebeat, elastic search and Kibana for Apache logging.

I went through the steps as described in "Getting Started with Filebeat" and reached "Step 6. View the sample Kibana Dashboards" ( https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/beats/filebeat/current/view-kibana-dashboards.html ) Elastic search is running correctly and Kibana and filebeat are started as well.

In the "Discover" panel I see the raw data, then I go to "Dashboard", select the Filebeat Apache
ECS dashboard and can see the dashboard, however in the charts I get "no results found".

Do I have to configure the metrics in order to get the visualisations (there is no hint in the help documentation...)?

Perhaps no data exists for the time range in the Dashboard (I think the default is the last 15 minutes)? Maybe you need to expand the time range?

I have set the data range to "last 10 days".

Here the raw data:

And here the dashboard:

So, I got stuck here in the last step of my evaluation...

Please help...

Hi Sergio, what are the values for event.dataset in your data? Does it match mine?

Hi Nick,

thank you for asking me. Yes I have these fields.

I actually just want to display the log messages in a more readable way than they are shown in the Discover panel. I do not need special charts. Just the log lines with some red colored keywords like ERROR for better readability.

I appreciate your help.

Discover is useful for exploring data when creating your own visualizations. The Visual Builder (TSVB) has some useful customizations for coloring text based on data. Here's a great video showing how you can customize a TSVB visualization.

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Thank you!

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