ECK kibana dashboard show no result

Hi all, I have ECK operator installed on openshift. There are 2 indexes for metricbeat and filebeat. The discover tab still has document but there is no data in dashboard tab. I tried to delete old index and restart elasicsearch, kibana and beats instance but it's still no change. Please see and check below screenshots. Thanks guys

Hi @cuongnp,

Have you tried setting the time range in the dashboard page to "Last 24 hours" instead of "Last 15 minutes". Could this be causing no documents to return as there isn't any over the past 15 minutes?

Hi @mikecote ,
I did try to set the time range but it's no change. Then I realized some dashboards still have data, and some are not. For example, the dashboard [Metricbeat System] Host overview ECS has data, but the [Metricbeat Kubernetes] Overview ECS above is missing some workload metric


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