When selecting [Metricbeat System] ECS Dashboard panel with time today everything shows 0

I'm using metricbeat and dashboard System Navigation [Metricbeat System] ECS
Dashboard panel: System Navigation [Metricbeat System] ECS

Under quick select, I select Today and all bars show as 0% for cpu and memory
version for beats, elastic, and kibana are at 7.9.2

Can you please double check if there is data to be showed for today ? Could you open the developer tools and use the network tab to capture the request that is being sent to Elasticsearch?
Could it be that the new data doesn't fit some filter or query parameters of your visualizations? Or did you try creating new visualizations and the data still doesn't appear?


Same thing, When selecting the calendar today, I see the bars yet all the percentages read 0%. All the other calendar selections show percentages. Under dev tools I don't see any network tab.

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