No SSL verification for Logstash filter: Elasticsearch


I am fairly new to setting up security, so I'm sorry if there are holes in my logic.

I'm running Elasticsearch (7.9.1 OSS with opendistro) + Kibana on one machine and Logstash (7.8.0) on another machine. Within one of my logstash pipelines, I want to perform a query using Elasticsearch Filter without SSL verification. I am able use the elasticsearch output plugin to send data to an index but I cannot bypass SSL verification with the filter. Is this possible?

I've configured certificates, keys, and CAs following OpenDistro's guide. I've tried to download these certs on my local machine and send a request via python using the cafile, but encountered an SSL error. Could I use these certificates to authenticate the request from logstash? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Given this is odfe you will need to ask them on their forums sorry.

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