No traces for Tomcat with coyote framework


I have instrumented a tomcat server with the -javaagent, but the outgoing http requests are not getting the trace header. Looking in the classes loaded it seems that the coyote framework is used.

I assume this is not supported?

KR Henk

Coyote is Tomcat's component that supports the HTTP protocol for incoming requests, so it shouldn't be related to outgoing requests.
If you are not getting transactions at all, make sure your Tomcat version and Servlet API versions are supported and if they are, take a look at the agent logs, maybe it will tell you something. You may set log_level to debug to get extended info.
If you are getting transactions, but no distributed traced for outgoing requests, most likely you are not using one of the supported HTTP clients.

If you are using a supported HTTP client, you may be using an asynchronous framework that is not supported, and then the trace context cannot be propagated properly from the request-handling thread to the thread that does the eventual HTTP call.

Hello Eyal,

Supported Apache HttpClient 4.3+

Used commons-httpclient-3.1

So that explains, thanks for your help!

KR Henk

You are most welcome. I hope you can upgrade to a supported version and get our agent capabilities in full.

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