Node is trying to talk to itslef

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I have an old cluster of ES 0.20.1, and it worked fine until recently one
node got disconnected for unknown reason (probably network failure), and
after restart it tries to join master but sends request to itself and
failing with such message:

[2014-08-25 13:59:11,768][INFO ][transport ] [es-5]
bound_address {inet[/]}, publish_address
[2014-08-25 13:59:14,980][INFO ][discovery.zen ] [es-5] failed
to send join request to master [[van Dyne,
Janet][GhTyDsKjReWbQydbsmTSSw][inet[/]]], reason
org.elasticsearch.ElasticSearchIllegalStateException: Node
[[es-5][fbR1Fd2sS4KnA4U5nWMqtw][inet[/]]] not master for
join request from

Note, that bound_address and publish_address are set, and the configured
node name is [es-5] now (it was set recently as well). But the node calls [van
Dyne, Janet] which I believe is the old node's name, with the same IP as it
If anyway to heal this situation without full cluster restart?
Thank you,

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