Node name setting

The node name can be set, but the value of the node parameter seems to be
assigned to a long random string. Is it possible to change that also?

When adding the following string to the elasticsearch startup ES_JAVA_OPTS,
I am able to assign a node name to the host name (without domain
information if present):

"$(uname -n | cut -d'.' -f1)"

So, for example, using ElasticSearch Head, I see the host names (very nice)
but also a long random-looking routing name for each node:

testdev12 lt-8dXstR7CM_ILIyRcv7w

testdev29 SO7tHyTsQqGZC0lh5fb1AA

testdev33 0ONh96ZpQyueFWqNoEgpeQ

And for shard 0 on testdev29, I see the following:

routing: {
state: STARTED
primary: false
node: SO7tHyTsQqGZC0lh5fb1AA
relocating_node: null
shard: 0
index: lidb
state: STARTED
index: {
size: 2.4mb
size_in_bytes: 2534149
translog: {
id: 1367266032434
operations: 0
docs: {
num_docs: 5232
max_doc: 5232
deleted_docs: 0
merges: {
current: 0
current_docs: 0
current_size: 0b
current_size_in_bytes: 0
total: 0
total_time: 0s
total_time_in_millis: 0
total_docs: 0
total_size: 0b
total_size_in_bytes: 0
refresh: {
total: 0
total_time: 0s
total_time_in_millis: 0
flush: {
total: 4
total_time: 2ms
total_time_in_millis: 2

Is there some way to get node: SO7tHyTsQqGZC0lh5fb1AA to display as node:
{hostname} or node: {IP} or some other unique but more easily identifiable

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