Node not able to rejoin cluster after network connectivity restored

Hi, I have a 3-node cluster, each of them are master eligible and discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes: 2
Denoting nodes as A, B, C for simplicity. After a network failure, node C got disconnected from two other nodes, and it was non-operational, as expected. (A & B were operating fine, as expected, as they found quorum of '2'). But after the connectivity was restored, node C still couldn't rejoin the cluster, shouldn't node C automatically rejoin the cluster in this case? I see nodes continuously trying to ping each others but still auto discovery didn't happen for node C.
I had to restart node C in order to make it rejoin the cluster.
I saw some relevant threads but didn't get a clear answer to my question. Appreciate any help here.
(I am using ES 6.7.1)


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