Rejoin master-data node back to cluster

I have 3 nodes of elasticsearch all of them act as master-data node. Due to connectivity issue one node leaves the cluster and promotes itself as master.Now i have two cluster first one with two nodes and other with one node. As all the nodes were under load balancer all nodes were receiving request from logstash and indexing was happening. What will happen if i restart the single node cluster and try to add it back to the original cluster?

This indicates that you probably do not have discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes set to 2 as per these guidelines. Make sure you fix this as soon as possible in order to avoid further split brain scenarios.

If you now just join the nodes together, you likely have 2 conflicting primary shards. One of these will be selected and you will lose any writes that only existed in the other one. To avoid data loss you may need to keep the clusters separate until you have reindexed data from the single node to the rest of the cluster and then clear it before letting it rejoin.

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