Node statistics: OS uptime value incorrect


I'm running ES 1.5.2 on Centos and I'm willing to expose some statistics
about node perf on a web page.
The OS uptime I get from calling the ES API _nodes/stats is very different
from the one I get from the uptime command directly with linux CLI

[root@DEV-ES-NODE2 ~]# uptime
12:16:03 up 55 days, 1:50, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

"uptime_in_millis": 4758625 which is just a bit more that 1h

Is this a misuse of the API? Or some bugs with the ES API?


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I just stumbled across this one on 1.7.x. uptime_in_millis is actually reporting the value in seconds, not millis as the name incorrectly implies.

4758625s = 55.076678d

There is no fix in sight for this issue as most of the OS stats have been removed as of 2.0 with the removal of the now dormant Sigar library. See Sigar removed for details.