Nodes not joining the cluster

(Aayushi Jain) #1

I have 3 nodes, 2 with same config and one with different config. I have installed same version of elastic 6.2.3 in all of them and have started the service again after giving same cluster names to all three and default settings. All three services are running but the nodes are behaving as single node cluster.

I tried to set zen.multicast to false but it throws error that some required plugin is not installed.

(David Turner) #2

This sounds like a split-brain situation. If you have three master-eligible nodes then discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes must be set to at least 2 to avoid this. I think you also might be missing the setting.

Multicast discovery was moved to a plugin in 2.0 and removed in 5.0. In 6.2.3 there is no such setting.

(Aayushi Jain) #3

So on all the 3 nodes, I will set minimum_master_nodes to 2. And since all my nodes are master, will unicast.hosts will list all 3 hosts on every server?

(David Turner) #4

Exactly, yes.

(Aayushi Jain) #5

It worked, thank you so much.

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